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People not responding to your messages? – maybe here’s why

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Here are 3 important communication tips for you about being aware of different communication methods – and daring to “educate” people about the best way to contact you.

These days we have so many ways of contacting people or being contacted by other people – work e-mail, private e-mail/s, work phone, mobile phone, text, voice mail, Facebook, twitter, Linked In –  just to name a few.  Well, more than just a few!

helping businesses avoid cross-cultural misunderstanding - feeling a bit crook (maybe it's Monday-itis!)

I’ve learned from smart contacts of mine – to be clear in telling people the best way they can contact you.

I have a very smart and effective lawyer friend who firmly yet efficiently advised me to contact her mainly through her work e-mail. She said she only checks Facebook – once a month –  if she is lucky.

Not everyone likes to contact or be contacted the same way YOU do.

I also – used to only check Facebook about…

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