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Do you judge too quickly – too harshly? Try to see things from another angle

doubleshot media

Judge R

Do you ever see something from ONE angle – form a hasty opinion or judgement – see things from a DIFFERENT angle – then feel guilty about your first judgement?

Please let me share with you a recent example that inspired this post.

I saw two people walking together – a young, scruffy-looking “skater kid” with an older person placing a comforting hand on the kid’s shoulder.

I saw them walking in front of me and thought words to the effect:

“Silly bloody  irresponsible kid. I wonder what trouble he got himself into. Look at that supportive grown up! Probably has to bail the kid out of trouble.”

I later saw the pair walking towards me. Turns out the responsible grown-up was blind  and the irresponsible kid was helping him move around.

Man, did I feel bad about my hasty judgement.

I saw completely wrong about “who was helping who”…

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