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Tips for you about working with other cultures – and the best advice I ever got about working in Singapore

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I’m forever indebted to the Asian businessman who gave me some great advice when he heard I was regularly training organisations in Singapore.

I’ve been travelling to Singapore since 2005 on training trips to help Western and Asian audiences improve the way they work withpresent to and write to each other.

The Asian businessman who gave me the good advice was experienced with both the Western Corporate culture and Singaporean ways. Even though Singapore is heavily Westernized, you will benefit from showing some cultural awareness and sensitivity.

His advice:

  1. Don’t get between Singaporeans and their food – Don’t make Singaporeans late for lunch and definitely don’t make them work through lunch
  2. Share with your audience about your family – especially your children

I took this valuable advice and it really helped me:

1. create a greater connection with my audience and

2. avoid annoying them.

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