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Make sure you don’t make these business communication blunders when communicating with “foreigners”

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Do you use confusing Australian expressions? Are you confused by Australian expressions?

Australian business people need to be careful when communicating with “non-Australians” – even other “English speakers” such as Americans.

Australian English is a very colourful and inventive language  – but it is often a mystery to non-Australian speakers and can even be insulting.

I always remember getting into trouble when I lived and studied in the US.

loved uni studying to be a journo and arvos watching the footy

I used the Australian expression “lucky bugger” – and an American colleague took great offence thinking I was calling him a “bugger” (in the strict sense of the word.)

For those who don’t know –  in “Australian”, “bugger” is often used as an intensifier – an expressive way of saying “person” – as in “silly bugger”, “lucky bugger”, “poor bugger” or even “bugger”  as an

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