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If you think your presentations are “too big” for the Presentation Zen style – think again!

doubleshot media

If you think your presentations are “too big” or “too complex” to be simplified – I encourage you to think again.

I used to think my audience was “too smart” for content to be “dumbed down”. I would try to impress my audience with the sheer bulk and complexity of my content.

I’d studied lot of the latest presentation techniques including Garr Reynolds’sPresentation Zen and I was a big fan of the Steve Jobs streamlined, minimalist style.

plan your presentation on paper – post-its enforce simplicity

I’d studied all sorts of advice – plan on paper (analog  – before even starting with a computer and a presentation tool – Keynote or PowerPoint). I’d even read about the benefits of “forced minimalism”by planning on little coloured Post-it notes!

I could see the logic – but I was too busy to plan on paper! My content was too big…

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