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e-FAN-gelism: How photos of what you are a FAN of can help you connect with your audience and spread your message.

doubleshot media

e-FAN-gelism is about daring to reveal your passions (what you are a FAN of) to help spread you message.

e-Fan-gelism can help you:

  • stand out (differentiate) from other similar “offerings” – services or products
  • build a stronger connection with your audience –  by reinforcing common ground
  • make your presentations more memorable and natural

1980s University band “Eugene & The Egg”

Over the weekend, I found two old photos of a band I was in in back in my university days (Eugene & The Egg – I’m the one in the op-shop polo neck).

They were wonderful days! We were so impressionable and such FANs of playing music. We played originals but we were influenced and inspired by English bands like The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen. I was a big fan of Joy Division and a little, upcoming Irish band back then –U2. It was…

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