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Do you and your work colleagues all know the difference between discreet and discrete? Phil Dunphy-style fun learning can help

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Many business professionals  do not  know how to spell or how to tell the difference between sound-alike words.

In the past, senior executives were protected by assistants who “fixed up” their mistakes. Now most professionals do their own writing (at least in e-mails). Many professionals have been able to “cover up” their deficiencies – but now their credibilty-eroding mistakes are exposed for all to see.

I see it all the time in boardrooms around country – especially in Power-Point presentations. Sometimes it’s because professionals are too busy – other times they just don’t know the difference between confusable words – complimentary and complementary, affect and effect, principle and principal.

And spell check will NOT pick up the difference between words like Discreet and Discrete.

But fear not…

DiscrEET 1-1 coaching is available in a friendly and memorable style.

This article was re-purposed from Dad-focussed post about Modern Family…

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