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In news and business reports – write what DID happen – not what DIDN’T

doubleshot media

If you are a journalism student or someone who writes reports for other industries I encourage you to:

1.learn to report your news or information responsibly AND

2.learn how to make your writing more interesting and engaging

The post was inspired by a US  news headline :

No one injured in X Robbery

(I am deliberately not revealing the X –  only to say it is the name of a store)

I can’t believe this headline  “got through” the editing process.

The old editors I worked for would have kicked my butt if I wrote something like that!


I made lots of mistakes in my early years – but I learned from them.

The headline could easily be tweaked to be more engaging (yet still accurate)

I remember great lessons from various “crusty but benign” news bosses and editors.

The same tips apply to other industry “reporting” as well as…

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