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How to encourage the media to call your organisation by its correct name

doubleshot media

Imagine you are being interviewed live on radio and the interviewer makes a mistake (however slight) with your organisation’s name.

TV show talk

What do you do?  You don’t want to seem rude or too fussy or precious or  “correcting”. Do you just “let it slide”?

Here’s a little technique that can help.

This post was inspired by two recent events:

1. listening to a radio interview with spokesperson from Deloitte

2. a pool party with friends

The radio interview as about a Deloitte report Positioning for Prosperity – Catching the Next Wave.


(it’s Deloitte – 1 L, 2 Ts, and no S)

The interviewer called Deloitte  -“DeloitteS” at the start of the interview – throughout the interview – and at the end of the interview.

You may say “no big deal”  and I can understand that reaction in this case with such a minor error – I’m just using this as an

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