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A “spin doctor’s” tips on how you can bounce back from a #MissUtah moment

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Some people call us “spin doctors” I prefer to give the name a positive spin and prefer the TITLE : Positive Message Expert.

Positive Message Experts help see the positives in potentially negative events – such as Miss Utah’s  (Marissa Powell’s) embarrassing performance at the Miss USA pageant.


I see the potential and positives in the “failure”.

I see the world-wide attention she had received. She is more famous (or infamous) than the other contestants – maybe even more recognisable than the winner.

Attention (even negative attention) can be a good thing.

It’s what you do with the attention! Sure, “Miss Utah” is famous for “being bad” and “failing” – but she has another big positive.

People are curious to see what see does next.


I’m an Australian presentation coach and “Positive Message Expert”.

I lived in the US and, from my experience in the…

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