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Do you think kids should be taught Australian lingo? – “full as a goog” – “bum nuts”

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Do you know what “full as a goog” means? Do you know what a goog is?

O eggs

A goog is an egg – and full as a goog means totally full – you can’t put any more in.

Australia Day got me thinking about expressions many Australians take for granted – expressions such as “goog” and  “full as a goog”.

oz surf mat

I always remember the confused expression on my son’s face when his grandmother (my mother) used thi the goog expression.

Many Australian expressions came from the UK. Others were modified in Australia.

My mum is from Australian-British background. My mother-in-law is from a European background – unfamiliar with many “Aussie” expressions.

My son had never heard the goog expression until my mother said it to him. I imagine lots of other people don’t know Aussie expressions until the expressions are explained to them.

My mum teaches my son “older” Australian expressions…

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