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How to “hook social media attention” with food – mmm Egg Salad! and Cocktail onions!

doubleshot media

Want to get more people to read your social media messages?

You may think you are smart with a great brain  – and maybe that’s true.

Remember: You are ALSO a body as well as a brain – and your body  craves and is attracted by  different things – including FOOD (and drink) – images of food, colours and shapes that remind you of food,  memories of smells and tastes! I can “taste” the food below just by looking at the photo!

cocktail onions

Your body has senses – sight, smell, taste, hearing,  touch etc – and clever social media messages can win attention by appealing to those senses.

This post was inspired by a tweet I read this morning from US  Publisher/Influencer and Social Media expert Chris Brogan.

Chris doesn’t like being pidgeon-holed “that Social Media Guybut he is very knowledgeable and respected in this area.


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