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Chris Brogan’s cool and scary #twitter style

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Chris Brogan tweets a lot – 135K

and he has lots of followers – 267K

We can all learn lots from his tweetin’ style!

I can’t read all his tweets – but I study his style – and take note of which tweets attract my attention and motivate me to click on any links.

This morning this tweet caught my attention because of the writing style.

Chris Brogan ‏‪@chrisbrogan

5 is cool, 8 is scary. Which ones do you like? – ‪ 

The tweet caught my attention because:

1. it promised both cool AND scary.

2.I was curious to see what he was talking about – Chris is often suitably, intriguingly vague in his tweets (in a good, engaging way!)

3. When I analyse my main motivation – it was: I wanted to see what Chris found scary.

I’m so glad I clicked on the link.

Click on the link…

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