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The bestest efficiency tool for busy managers and leaders – part 1/3

doubleshot media

O.K. I know bestest isn’t a real word!


But it’s  a deliberate exaggeration  – for something that’s even better than best.

I’m the sort of person who likes using or creating  new and unusual words.

I get lots of ideas – but I need to be more efficient in being keeping track and making things happen.

And, to be honest, these days I am doing so many things (personal and business) that I need to make sure I don’t forget things.

That’s why I’m so exited to share a productivity and efficiency tool that can really help you – as it has helped me.

That tool?

The simple post-it note (or similar products with different names).

You know – those small bits of paper with part of it that’s sticky so you can stick it on to things.

bestest efficiency tool

The post-it notes can help you:

1. remember what you need to do…

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