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Better #Email: How you can write for the small screen Pt 3 – write an “easy in”

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You can improve ALL your messages – by using the “easy in” technique.

It’s especially valuable when writing for the small screen –  small screen devices (SSDs) such as smart phones.

Boss easy in

More and more people are reading e-mails and other messages on their small screen devices such as smart phones.

If messages look too dense or too hard to read – the messages get skipped over.

This “easy in” technique will help you get readers to read YOUR messages by making the messages look easy to get into.

So, what is the “easy in”?


Journalists are often skilled at writing an “easy in”. Journalists want readers to read their stories.

An “easy in”  (1) gets the reader into a story and  (2) encourages them to read deeper.

Here’s an example from Australia’s Financial Review. I’ll “zoom in” and break down the steps  for an easy in soon.

Boss writing

At the moment…

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