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When things don’t go to plan – how to turn “obligation” into celebration 1

I was so cranky! I had my day all planned out – meetings, phone conferences, projects.


Then, I find that today is a pupil-free day – so I have my two kids to look after.

My wife works morning radio – so we’ll “tag team” later in the day – but let’s just say, my morning work plans will have to change. I need to be more flexible when my plans change!


But inspired by advice from one of my “business heroes” and fellow dad,  Garr Reynolds, I thought: how can we all make the most of this change and this morning? This special moment! This opportunity.


My usual reaction would be to try to get work done while the kids amuse themselves – but we will make this morning special.

Sure, I’m quickly writing this post – then the kids and I are off to enjoy our day  – a together day that’s different from the usual weekend time.

I asked the kids what they want to do with this morning.


Kick a soccer ball around says my 10-year-old son – and experiment with the beats and sounds on the keyboard.

Also, kick a ball around! says Cleo my 7-year-old daughter. And go to the library and play Scrabble.

C scrabble


I know kids are not an “obligation” – I just used that word for the way it sounded with celebration.


Anyway, must go. It’s c-e-l -e- b-r-a-t-i-o-n time – come on! (People of a certain vintage will get the reference to the song.)

If you find yourself in a similar position – here’s are links to Garr’s advice.


Garr Reynolds – appreciate the moment




TB everest



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