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The joy of State of Origin – the power of connection and showing your colours

What a great day leading up to State of Origin game 2 tonight!

Maroons colours

I drive my son to school this morning and we are both  dressed in our Maroons colours

We wave to other people wearing their Maroons colours. We don’t know them – but we are part of the same tribe.


I see a bus with its destination sign changed to “Go Maroons!”.

We get to school and we see one of the groundsmen/maintenance guys showing his colours. Sure, he’s a Blues (NSW) supporter – but I teach my son – respect him for showing his colours on his “work cart”. Respect him for his love of the game of Rugby League.

NSW colours


(I’m only pretending to look unimpressed for the photo! I actually think – “Good onya for showing your colours – especially in enemy territory”)


I chat to the groundsman about how he thinks the game will go. Of course, we are both confident that our respective teams will win – but we chat about the love of the game – and what a great game the last game was.

NSW won – but it was still an exciting game.


He laughs how for the last 8 years Queensland has won – yet he has proudly shown his colours. He’s confident THIS WILL BE THE YEAR his team will win the series.

I hope he is wrong – but I secretly respect his undying optimism.

We’ll both have to wait and see how tonight’s game unfolds. This is the longest chat I’ve had with him. I look forward to seeing him tomorrow and discussing the game.


Orign cupcakesOrigin cupcakes 2

We see even the school tuck shop has special Origin cupcakes in different colours.

Nice to see even the “Tuck shop ladies” go to an effort to make this day special.


What do you think? 

Does State of Origin  – or do other big sporting events –  make certain days more special than others?

Is it immature or unprofessional to show your colours in a work situation?

I purposely try to schedule work around Origin games and  to try to be In Qld for the games.

When I  have to look “corporate” I even have more “professional” maroon-ish business attire!


My son says my “Maroon-ish” vests and jumpers are more “burgundy” than maroon and he calls me Ron Burgundy – but he gets the idea!


C and T maroons

Even my daughter loves the idea of showing your colours. She’s already  prepared for The Socceroos playing in the World Cup tomorrow!

Cleo australia green and gold

Yes, we’ll have to change our colours for a different game tomorrow – but I’m glad the kids have taken to the idea of showing your colours!





TB LL mosaic

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