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Bad news and the State of Origin

Do you love all the anticipation and “buzz” in the build-up for a State of Origin game?

And all the post-game analysis?



I do!

I also like to study how some organisations use the distraction of the buzz of major sporting events to strategically release “bad news” – so that their “bad news” will be noticed less – for example when many people’s minds are on the State of Origin game.

It’s as if while the audience’s eyes are looking at the action of the game – someone slips in a sneaky little punch or “face massage” in”backplay”.


For overseas readers – the State of Origin is a big Rugby League competition between two rival states Queensland and New South Wales.


I’m a proud Queenslander – so I support the Queensland team, the Maroons.


I’m also a political and corporate speechwriter and media adviser – so I also look at the “tactics” off the field at State of Origin time.

The first Origin game of the 3-game series was in Brisbane and there was massive buzz.

The local paper even put the Origin sport news where the “usual news” would be on the front pages and the “usual news” at the back where the sport would usually be.

I study what news is timed for release on the day of the Game AND especially the day after the game.

If Queensland wins a game (as they often do!) there is elation.

Queenslanders (and often not just the league fans) often feel in a good mood and proud.

Bad news would be “softened” by the elation of a Queensland win.




Anyway, that’s just the way I think as an Origin fan AND a communication consultant who worked as news reporter then a political media adviser.




If you are interested in news/journalism or strategically timing political or corporate announcements – I encourage YOU to take notice of announcements that are timed for release at the same time as big sporting events – and especially sporting victories.


Journalists are often trained to be aware of the timing of political or corporate announcements and the good operators will make sure events get the coverage and placement (space or time) they deserve.

During the last State Origin game in Brisbane – certain job cuts were announced for Brisbane workers.

The TV news bulletin I watched gave the story prominent coverage.


Maybe the timing was a co-incidence. I have no firm evidence – however the cynical and suspicious political media advisor part of me thinks the timing was probably deliberate and strategic.


I wonder what announcements will be timed for the State of Origin Game 2 this Wednesday – and the day after – in the post-game euphoria in the State of the winning team.


In closing….I have only two words for you…



Go Queensland!





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