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What writers can learn from Billy Bragg – the “sting in the tail” trick!

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Do you want your writing to surprise and delight your readers?

Well, you can learn from UK songwriter Billy Bragg – known as the Bard from Barking.

billy bragg

I’ve been a fan of Bragg’s songwriting since the ’80s – and still love listening to his music and finding more writing treats!

I used to find his singing voice very nasal and flat – but his lyrics were so sharp and clever!

I thought he was witty and playful – sometimes caustic, sometimes funny.

As a student I would write down my favourite lines in a note book.

I loved his lyrics and song angles – especially this technique  I call “the sting in the tail”.

Billy writes a set-up line that “sucks you in”.

You think he is going to sing something “sweet and romantic ” – then he’s add a little “sting in the tail” that flows perfectly from…

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