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#TwitterForLawyersTips:TimingYourTweets for the On-lineRiver

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As you’ve probably found out – writing for Law and writing for Twitter are totally different.

Legal types can face severe challenges when trying to write for social media.

I’ve started a series of tips on how lawyers can improve their writing style to adapt to social media – especially blogging and twitter.

This first  of the #TwitterForLawyersTips  posts covers simple WORD tricks to engage your readers.

In future posts I’ll cover tips on how to overcome writing problems many lawyers face including, but not limited to:

1. Writing concisely – editing  tips – lawyers are notoriously “complete” and detailed and too passive and polysylabbic

2.Writing in a “real” and  human voice – lawyers are trained to write with  disspassionate professional detachment

Twitter’s writing “voice” should  also be:

  1. energetic and enthusiastic
  2. conversational
  3. casual
  4. helpful to the reader

After you’ve read these posts you’ll be much better equipped to…

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