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The power of “anti-adjectives” and “anti-adverbs” – Paul Weller Style


Do you want to improve your writing by adding tension, curiosity and extra meaning?

Then try anti-adjectives and anti-adverbs!

Jam That's Entertainment

You can learn a lot from Writing expert Roy Peter Clark AND singer-songwriter Paul Weller.

writing-tools Roy Peter Clark

I’m enjoying a vacation with time to listen to the Writing Tools podcasts of Roy Peter Clark – and listening to the wonderful songwriting and lyrics of Paul Weller (from The Jam, then The Style Council, then solo).

Jam mod sign

The talents of both Roy and Paul have been jamming together inside my head this vacation –  and I’ll share with you some of the lessons they have taught me on how I can improve my writing.


In one of his podcasts, Roy Peter Clark talks about choosing adverbs that add meaning and avoiding adverbs that already have the meaning in the verb.

For example: She simled happily.

Usually a…

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