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How to write vividly – like a movie camera – changing angles and scenes – Down in the Tube Station at Midnight

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The Jam T shirt

If you want to add greater contrast and tension and texture to your writing you can learn from the “cinematic” writing style of  singer-songwriter Paul Weller and his song Down In The Tube Station at Midnight.


I’ve been a fan of Weller‘s songwriting since I played in bands around the time the band  The Jam was at its peak.

Egg 1

Eugene and the Egg copy copy

We were in Australia – but were heavily influenced by the UK vibe.

word nerd CU

TB Parka

Now I’m a writing coach and trainer – yet I haven’t “grown out of” my love of Weller, The Jam, and my trusty parka. 🙂

This vacation I’ve had time to study Paul Weller’s lyrics in detail – with a greater appreciation from also studying the Writing advice from Roy Peter Clark and his podcasts of his Writing Tools.

writing-tools Roy Peter Clark

In one of his podcasts, Clark advises writers to write like a movie or TV camera

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