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How to stay calm and not get frustrated by constant interruption (1)


Chances are you are getting interrupted these days – more than ever – especially by family.

1. More and more people “take their work home with them” – and try to get work done at home while surrounded by family distractions

2. More and more people are working from home. For some it’s a good thing. For others, it’s hard to focus with all the home distractions.

This post was inspired by one of my “business heroes” – Presentation Zen author Garr Reynolds.

He is a parent of young kids. He often works from home. He has valuable lessons and a good attitude about Zen-like appreciation and “go-with-the-flow” calm.


If you could benefit from some Zen-like calm – here’s a Garr-inspired post I wrote for a parent blog.


And may the peace be with you.






(Garr Reynolds)


I “study” Garr’s wisdom to help my corporate work – but this post really improved my personal life.


I was trying to work on my computer and my two kids kept interrupting me. After reading Garr’s post, I decided to take his advice “go with the flow” and enjoy the moment (that will not come again).

The thing is – I started writing this post a while ago – but I got interrupted by the kids and only found the uncompleted post recently.

No problem – at the time I focussed on what was most important – that specific, unique moment with the kids that will never come again.

Here’s how Garr puts it. Great advice for parents!




If you are interested, Garr’s facebook page and his Presentation Zen blog have a wealth of

wisdom that can make your work and private life easier and more enjoyable.


I’m not in anyway associated with Garr – but I am a sincere fan!

His posts help give me zen-like calm and focus on what’s important. I reckon he could also create a good book on Parent Zen or Zen for Kids – to help kids stay calm and get focussed.


What do you reckon? If you have any tips on staying calm, handling interruptions or helping your kids stay calm – please share in the comments section below.





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