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What other #spellfie words can YOU come up with? #Smellfie #hellfie

Do you love when someone makes up new words?



You may have heard of the new word spellfie – to describe selfies created by those “crazy funsters” at a recent  big spelling bee in the US. Link at the end of this post.


word nerd CU


I’m a bit of a word nerd – s0 I love this sort of fun word creation. I love playful puns and creativity.


I imagine someone probably just made the association between selfie and spelling to create the expression and made a quip – calling it a:  Spellfie.

The new word certainly broadened the exposure of the Spelling Bee.

Also, I’d heard of an invention that was a kickstarter project to create a cool-looking  remote control pole that  held cell phones at a distance – for taking selfies.

It was called a Cellfie.






I wonder what other  new words can be created  based on “selfie” rhymes to describe different types of selfies.


Selfies in unpleasant smelly environments – the Smell-fie.

Selfies in rich, opulent environments with lots of bling – the Wealth-fie

Selfies where you look like you are having a really bad time. You look like you are suffering and going through some sort of hell – a Hell-fie.




If you have any creations – please share in the comments section below.




2. cellfie: and






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