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#WhatItRevealsAboutYou:Are you “zipped up”?

What it reveals about YOU

What It Reveals About You: Are you a  “zipped up” person?

Zipped up copy

O unzipped

What’s your style – are you “zipped up”or “unzipped”?

It’s amazing what you tell from zipsand I’m not talking about zippers on your pants!

I’m talking about zippers on bags!

And buckles – and buttons on your clothes.

What inspired this post

C zipped

I’m taking my two kids to school to school.

My daughter has her bag all properly zipped up and laces tied neatly and safely.

My son has his bag unzipped with his lunch box and books falling out.

His shoe laces are flapping and he doesn’t care a bit.  I get tired to telling him to zip and tie things up.

O laces

I don’t have to tell my daughter – she zips and buttons and ties laces – because she wants to.

When I look at my own style – I am definitely a

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