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What it reveals – are you a speedboat or a battleship?

What it reveals about YOU

My wife is a speedboat. I’m a battleship. One of my executive clients is a speedboat. Her boss is a battleship and their differences caused lots of conflict – until I suggested strategies for speedboats needing to work with battleships and vice versa!

Awareness of their different styles helped my executive client communicate and interact more effectively with her boss.

Now speedboats and battleships aren’t real business communication terms  – they are analogies or symbols my wife and I use to improve our communication with each other. I then used these terms to help one of my client executive clients improve her communication with her boss.

Please let me explain.

When it comes to thinking and tasks – my wife is a zippy speedboat. She can change directions quickly – she is nimble and agile with her thinking. Like a speedboat she is fast and can…

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