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What it reveals: are you a “jigsaw person”?

What it reveals about YOU

I’ve never completed (or even started) a jigsaw puzzle in my life. I am definitely NOT a jigsaw person – yet some of my dear friends love jigsaws.

I understand how some people love to “get lost” in the process of putting together a jigsaw. They find it relaxing – even bliss!

One friend has a special case she carefully carries her “puzzle in progress” around with her. She has progressed beyond the normal jigsaw to the WASGIJ – JIGSAW backwards! You get a picture on the box and you create a picture of what the “people” in the puzzle would see looking backwards. There’s the extra joy of the “mystery” of revealing what the picture looks like from the other side.

My “jigsaw people” friends love the process of :

  • categorizing the pieces into different colours
  • starting at the edges – where the pieces have a straight edge
  • working…

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