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Use the pulling power of memes and pop culture quotes to attract readers you want

If you want to attract people to your social media content – here’s a simple way.

Brace yourself….it’s…


the pulling power of social media memes and pop culture quotes!


brace yourself winter-is-coming


Now, this post was inspired by a post I saw this morning from Australia’s CSIRO.

Yes, the CSIRO post used a Game of Thrones quote and a “silly meme” to introduce a serious science post.

I often use the CSIRO posts as good examples and inspiration for my own posts about social media  – because, in my opinion, the CSIRO social media and promotional writers are  clever and effective by being playful and daring.

They make science interesting. They hook you in. They start with something of broader appeal then draw you to the science part!


word nerd CU

Well, they hook me in anyway!

I’m a bit of a science-loving Word Nerd who also loves Game of Thrones!

This morning I was busy – I didn’t intend to read a post about Indigenous Australian weather knowledge – but I got hooked in.

I was scanning my e-mail inbox and I saw these words:

Winter is Coming.

I immediately associate those words with Game of Thrones.

Out of curiosity, I have a quick click on the link and then I see very prominently displayed one of those memes I associate with the Brace Yourself Winter is Coming…

Before I know it – I’ve gone deeper and  read the article about the CSIRO’s work into Indigenous Weather Knowledge – and what consitutes winter in Australia.


Sometimes to indigenous Australians, “Winter” is the time for red dragonflies or heavy dews.

All this I learned from the post – and all because the well known meme words and the meme photo hooked my attention and made me want to read further.


If you want to see for yourself – how this effective engagement worked – here’s a link.

I am not associated with the CSIRO in anyway. I just use their posts as good examples of effective engagement and writing.


TB training group


If you are interested in Social Media engagement (as I am) the CSIRO blog  is a good example to follow – showing engaging social media writing.







TB NASA story

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