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How the design of a book cover can persuade you to buy – Tao of Twitter

You’ve probably heard the expression: Don’t Judge a Book by its cover!


Well, recently I DID judge a book by its cover – and I’m so glad I did.


I was in a huge book store in Singapore – surrounded by tens of thousands of books. (I loooove Singapore book stores!)


TB in Sing book store

This book caught my attention – and I bought it. It stood out. It appealed to me immediately.

Tao of Twitter


When I analysed my buying decision – I loved the cleverness of the design and art work –  mixing of the Twitter bird symbol and the Tao symbol – and I liked the sound of the title.

I’m a “visual” person – so initial visual impressions influence me.

The sound of a title can impress me too.

I understand that Tao is pronounced with a D-sound (not a T sound) –  so it’s not strictly alliteration – yet the title  “looked good” and promised a simple way to approach writing for twitter.


It’s a “thin” book – an easy and enjoyable read. Elegant simplicity – like  well-written tweets!


I am not associated with the book or the author in anyway – I just use this as a real-life example of the power of a book title and book artwork.


TB Social Media KLT


There are so many books out there about social media and twitter. Many books about “mimimalist” twitter are heavy and dense and complex.

Tao of Twitter  promises (and delivers) a simpler way.

The book has been out for a a couple of years – yet before the cover caught my eye, I was not even aware of the book’s existence.

If you are interested in improving your twitter writing and engagement – The Tao of Twitter is a wise and elegant “read”.


It’ll be easy to find – just look for the twitter birds as a Tao symbol!





TB LL mosaic


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