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What we can all learn from Tony Abbott’s #Budget interview poor wording – don’t make these mistakes P 2

This post is to help you improve your messages – to make them sound stronger and more convincing.

It was inspired by hearing (and reading) Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s post-Budget interview on ABC’s AM.

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In my professional opinion (as a political speechwriter and media adviser on a state level) the PM and those advising him  could have performed a lot better.

This exchange (in my opinion) was unconvincing and could have been a lot stronger.


CHRIS UHLMANN: Have you broken promises in this budget?

TONY ABBOTT: I think we’ve fundamentally kept faith with the people. I think we have fundamentally kept faith with the people.

For me, the word fundamentally weakens the statement – by qualifying and limiting the keeping of faith. It seems evasive.


I always encourage clients to make strong statements that are true and not weakened by qualification!

For example:

We have kept our promise to do what’s best for this country… by (strong positive and true statement)


Don’t repeat negative words – even if you deny the negative words.


We have not broken our promise.


Express the positive – we have kept our promise to…

If you’re interested, here’s a link to another post inspired by Mr Abbott’s AM interview – and the link to the interview and transcript.

P 1 what-we-can-all-learn-from-tony-abbotts-poor-wording-dont-make-these-mistakes/




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