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Better #Productivity – #Yoda and the power of Why

Do you want to be more productive –  at doing the things you need to do? The “more boring” things?

try-not Yoda

Do you sometimes struggle, as I do, in doing the less interesting and less exciting things in your work?


Well, this technique can help you – reminding yourself WHY you really need to do something.

I call it – reminding yourself of “the greater why”.


Yoda says “There is no TRY”.


I argue “There IS a WHY – and the WHY can help you  be more productive and effective”

TB Social Media KLT


I can be very productive and effective at doing “creative” things like designing a new better writing or better business productivity module… or creating special Star Wars treats for when the kids get home from school… and even arranging the plate for the surprise!


Star Wars cookies 1


But, I sometimes struggle doing the necessary (but mundane) work we all have to do – the “trivial” administration work (administrivia!)

So these days, I remind myself of the WHY (the greater WHY).


Why am I doing this paper work or admin?

Why am I working and reading through this 200-page less-than-interesting material?


The greater why is  not just “because I have to for work” – it’s because I do this for my family.

I know this is obvious – but we sometimes forget it.

Reminding yourself of the greater WHY motivates you and gives you more energy and incentive to do the more challenging tasks!

diary with bear


My daughter is always surprising me with little things like putting stickers on my work diaries 0r even my computer. The bear has glasses as I do!

C dora bike

She’s been doing this for years – even when she was “into Dora”.

dora stickers on diary


I keep these stickers (even on my work diaries) because they are powerful reminders of the WHY I am really doing certain work tasks for the day.


This morning, my daughter left me a little surprise made from her hair clips – a hair clip Yoda because she knows I like Yoda and Star Wars.


yoda clips

Her sweet act inspired and motivated this post!


OK, I better go do some less exciting work now – and I will be more  motivated to do it.

I will think of the hair clip Yoda.

I will remember – There is no Try – but there is a big WHY!

try-not Yoda



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