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Improve your #writing – imagine your audience (specific people) and what they are doing P 1

When you what to improve the way you write for your audience – it helps to imagine your audience and write to that audience AND what they are likely to be doing.


I know this can be difficult when you write for  broad audience.


I often try to think of one specific person at a time.

Please let me explain.

I have several different audiences – sometimes I write for:

1. busy business people wanting business tips to help them improve their performance

2. smart and experienced professionals who simply seek some sweet diversion – for example as they commute to work

3. fellow parents who are waiting for their kids at sports or  a dance classes.



For my business audience – I imagine someone standing in line for a coffee to give them a kick to start their day.They often want to make the most of time and will be checking their twitter and other social media while they wait in line.


I imagine people I work with in big financial organisations in Sydney.

release the verb

When I tweet to this audience and send a link to some business post I’ve written, I imagine a smart professional  multi-tasking while they wait for coffee and I’ll often tweak the tweet with a line such as:
Standing in line for a coffee? Persuasion lessons from old-school “Mad Men”-style coffee ads. via @tonybiancotti


When I train people to write for various television shows, I’ll often encourage them to think of a specific person and their concerns.

For example when I helped The Weather Channel, I’d get the writers to imagine specific people and write for them and to describe them and their “needs”.




In some cases, the specific people chosen included:

1. a parent wanting to know when the sun would be out to dry clothes and if the washing had to be taken back in before any showers.

2. a sports dad wanting to know if the kids’ soccer games would be still n over the weekend

3. a teenager wanting to know what to wear for a date on the weekend and if the weather effect how they should wear their hair.


Imagining your audience (and even better, specific people in your audience) you can better address their concerns.


You will sound as if you are speaking directly to them – which in a way you are. And that will often get their attention!


To be continued in future posts.



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