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#Marketing Tips: I wanted a healthy juice – I got so much more

I was on holidays and wanted a healthy morning juice – and got so much more.

Even when I am on holidays, I take note of:

1. what wins my attention and

2. makes me want to part with my money.

While walking around beachside Manly (Australia)  I noticed a quaint and colourful “hole in the wall” juice stand.


Bright colours (cheerful yellow) hooked my attention – and the curiosity of wanting to sample not just a normal juice but a cold pressed juice. I’d enjoyed cold-press coffee before – but had yet to try cold-pressed juice.


A single yellow stool invites you to sit down and chat with the operator – Gabriel O’Flaherty.

Gabriel seems to love a chat and to me seemed a canny yet charming (or maybe a charming yet canny) Irishman originally from Cork.

As I enjoyed my “breakfast lumpy” (instead of a smoothie), our conversation drifted into the topic of business.

We spoke about the power of colours and  signs and design and even “retro” props to attract the type of customers you want.


LM juice co LMJC

Gabriel said his wife was in marketing and he credited her with little details like insisting on retro looking straws (rather than plastic ones) placed in a colourful yellow jar.


I also noted how the full stop ( the period) on the sign looked like a drop of juice. Yes, I’m a real sign and design nerd!

And the name – Little Manly Juice Co! Lots of Manly businesses harness the parochial power of putting Manly in the title.

And “little” has the appeal of a smaller, almost hand-crafted operation – rather than a big juice bottling operation.

We spoke about product pricing. The breakfast lumpy I enjoyed was $9.50 which is more expensive than a standard juice – yet I was happy to spend the money. I rationalised that this wasn’t just a juice – it was breakfast.


Gabriel explained to me how cold-pressed juices retain more nutrients than juices extracted from centrifugal and blade juicers.


And, he said:

“I deliberately place the juice on this silver tray as I give it to you – to add that aura of quality of a premium product.”


We also spoke about canny negotiation tactics from his experience back in Ireland – especially the power of appearances to influence expectations. As a TV reporter, I’d done lots of stories in Ireland.

If he hasn’t already written a book – I reckon he should. There’s a lot of real-life, down-to-earth business and marketing experience just waiting to be “cold-pressed” out of him.


I am not connected in any way with Gabriel of his juice business. I’m just a guy who was on holidays in Manly – who went out for a juice and got  “the juice” on marketing lessons!

T and C at Fairlight

So, some quick lessons for you:

1. harness the power of colour to help you business stand out

LM juice co LMJC

2. harness the power of the connotation of “props” – the retro straws (probably more expensive than standard plastic straws) that add to the stand-out image of the juice and the silver tray


3. spending time with customers can help build loyalty. If I lived in Manly I reckon I’d become a regular here!





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