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Know Your #Productivity – get a blast of energy from great songs like “Know Your Product”


This post (and the title)  was inspired by the classic song “Know Your Product” by Aussie group The Saints.



I was and still am a big fan of the music of The Saints – the energy and the attitude and the intelligence.


Music has always been an important part of my life and  still is  – even now as a “mature and responsible” corporate coach and consultant.

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This morning before getting into my “work” (from home) I took a quick hit of the original song – and a recent version from a concert where Midnight Oil singer Peter Garret got up to perform with Hunters & Collectors.


I found the quick blast of music kick-started my thinking and stimulated my thoughts – and elevated my mood!


These days, I am often brought in to help people in businesses and organisations improve their work lives and efficiency.

With work – many people forget that they are bodies as well as minds. People are not machines. Their bodies have ups and downs throughout a day – energy levels sag and rise again.

In a recent  international meeting of leaders (no names!), I saw high-performing leaders “push through” a busy agenda.

When things started running late – they skipped the breaks to catch up and stay on time.

I could see people sagging and their attention evaporating.

They were “pushing through” – but important  information was not soaking in (as effectively as it could have).


According to my “productivity philosophy” you need to know your body and to know your productivity.

Sameness is the enemy.

Sitting is the enemy.

Variety is your weapon.

Movement is your weapon.

Strategic Breaks – with energy-boosting “activities” are your weapons!

Breaking up a session with a quick blast of movement (and music) will help people pay attention.



You need to know your “time terrain” – the “danger zones”  – like after lunch when attention dips.

As a recent training session – we added more mini-breaks in an afternoon session.

We called these “snake breaks” – where people took a quick walk to get “snake lollies” and other treats.

This was “motivated movement” that people willingly participated in! It worked brilliantly.  Smart and senior people were like eager kids enjoying these colourful alternatives to the usual corporate “mints”.



It’s funny – I often help really senior people from serious international organisations. Often, I find they are willing to try unusual and unconventional tactics  (like getting up out of their seats at moving or having “snake breaks”) – if you explain the logic and the benefits.

I suggest (especially with video-conferences and meetings) to take quick  a strategic break and get out of seats and MOOOVE.

Of course, business people don’t want to look silly or be embarrassed.

It helps if you:

1. explain the benefits of movement – how it will help their concentration for a meeting or video-conference.

2. start off “modestly” – don’t expect too much movement at first – but as people “feel the benefits” of movement – they will loosen up



Oh, my energy levels are starting to sag. I’ve been up since 4:30 a.m. I better get another “hit” of uplifting music. I am at home – and not in a corporate setting this morning. Here are links to the videos of “Know Your Product”.

This is the sort of music I like.

What songs or bands  get you pumped and energised? Please add in the comments section below.






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