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Get your message across and remembered: the power of memorable images that mean something 1/3

When you want to get your message across and remembered  – I encourage you to use the power of an image that means something.


This post was inspired by a corporate website I was very impressed with this week. I am not connected with this site in any way. The organisation does not know I am posting this.

I check out lots of different sites and many look very much the same and are very “forgettable”.


This site stood out to me – (and inspired this post) because of its memorable image that meant something.


Here’s the image.

LOGO FINAL logo only


Now, I understand that I am attracted to visuals. Interestingly, earlier in the day when I was rushing to an important business meeting – this image “slowed me down” and made me want to snap a quick photo on my phone.



What made the image memorable and meaningful?

Here’s the explanation (the meaningfulness) for this image – the actual words from the website.

“It’s a fact that every zebra is unique – no two have the same markings. When you see a herd of zebras, however, they all look alike. But if you saw an orange zebra in a herd, it would stand out and you’d never forget it. You’d tell your friends and colleagues that you’d seen the most remarkable orange zebra and they would be impressed.

Presentations can be like zebras – when you’ve seen a few, each one becomes as forgettable as a zebra in a herd. If your presentation doesn’t stand out, your message gets lost and your opportunity to impart invaluable information is wasted.”

TB training


I work as a presentation trainer – on improving the delivery of presentations. I’m not a designer!

The above words resonated deeply with me because I need to sit through hundreds (probably thousands) of presentations a year. They do all tend to look alike. That’s why audiences often don’t remember the messages. That’s why presenters gave to go to extra effort to stand out – in a good way!


My clients often complain that their business presentations are “not visual”.

I encourage them to compare their message to something that IS visual. Like an orange zebra!


The idea of an orange zebra reminds me of Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow”. I’m not saying the idea was inspired by the purple cow!

It just reminds me (in a good way) of how a purple cow stands out from the herd!

Purple Cow


Anyway, my key points for you to help make your messages memorable.

1. compare your content to something visual

2. use an image in your presentation

3. have a quick explanation of the relevance and meaning of the image


Well done, PowerfulPoints with your Orange Zebra.

In a word:




In a future post I’ll share how one of Australia’s leading lawyers (in his field of Estate Planning) uses images to make his messages:

1. simpler

2. more memorable

3. more relateable

This lawyer is a keen traveller and photographer and uses his own photos very effectively!


TB lukla nepal

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