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Practical #productivity 1: Make it happen – the polite yet persistent push!

Do you want to be more effective and more productive at getting things done?

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I learn a lot from my law school friends and colleagues. Many went on to become successful business leaders.


I admire the way my mate Terry makes things happen. He is the master of the “polite yet persistent push”.

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Whenever we talk about organising some social event or “business” meeting – he never lets me get of the phone without us setting a time.

How often do we all talk about organising things – yet we leave it at some vague time in the future?

Oh we must catch up (sometime) OR

We will meet to discuss this latest project (sometime).

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I encourage YOU – whenever you use or hear the word “sometime” – make sure you do not leave the meeting or end the phone call without specifying the time you will do it. Set a time.

Be persistent. Get into the habit.

Also, be polite – without being rude.

Use softening expressions such as:


While we are here (in a meeting) OR while we are on the phone – let’s set a time.


Sometime I will also share other  Practical Productivity tips on how to Make it happen!


O.K. – I’ll write my diary – to make it happen tomorrow –  3 April (Australian time)



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