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Better #Email: How to write e-mails for Small Screens pt 2 – test how your messages look

If you want to write better e-mails for small screens – if your readers are likely to read your messages on their smart phone or phablets (phone/tablets) – I encourage you to adapt your writing  style by:

1. seeing what your usual style of writing looks like on a smaller screen – compared to on a laptop or desktop screen

2. Adapting your style – e.g pressing return more often after 4-6 words


Mail Chimp email  study

I learned this and other tips from resources:

(1) Write to Influence and

(2) a MailChimp study about how people read on small screens.

I tried this experiment today – and adapted my writing style to fit on a smaller screen.

Sure, the style may look unusual on a laptop screen – but if I know certain readers are likely to read their e-mails on small screens, I will adapt  to this style.


Some tips: 1. Keep to the left (of your screen)

2. Hit return after you write 4-6 words

3. Add more white space (“give it some air”)

4. Use emphasis such a bold

Your reader may have to “scroll” down to read – but at least they won’t have to “scroll” or swipe across as well.

Your readers should be able to take in the key points quickly as they scroll down.

If you are interested, here is a previous post on this topic.


Write to influence

Maybe you know more effective ways to write for small screens – rather than pressing return after 4-6 words or sending some messages to your own SSD and seeing how your messages look.

Please feel free to add to the comments section below.




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