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What JB generation are you from? Be careful with your pop culture reference points

Who’s the first person who comes to mind when you hear the initials JB?


I got a text from a business associate about working on a  creative “JB project”.

I got very excited – because the first thing that came to my mind was…James Bond!

Many of my business connections and personal friends are from the “James Bond generation”. We grew up as kids or teenagers watching the James Bond Movies.

James Bond was our JB!

I remember, getting so excited when I got to interview Roger Moore for a journalism assignment.


As it turned out, the project was about another JB who is more famous these days.

Yes, the text was about a possible project involving Justin Beiber.

For me – not as exciting as James Bond! But then again that’s because I am from a different JB generation.

Justin beiber

My point to you – different generations have different cultural “reference points”.

1. Don’t assume that different generations will get your references.

2. Be careful with abbreviations

3. Use appropriate  reference points for different generations.

I’m lucky that my kids keep me aware of what younger generations are into these days 🙂

I take a keen interest in current pop culture and ask my kids lots of questions and  especially get them to explain what different abbreviations  mean!

Who knows – when Justin Beiber gets older he may be a future James Bond. You never know! 🙂

I found this amusing image about both James Bond and Justin Bieber!





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