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Presenting – don’t “repeat” this mistake I made recently

You may be a good business brain – but you are also a body.

And we all need to be aware of our bodies when we present – and how our bodies can affect our presenting.


Here’s a mistake I made recently when delivering a presentation at a gathering of business leaders.

I’ll certainly learn from this mistake – and I encourage you to learn from it too.

I was asked to deliver a presentation as the last item in a long day.

All day I’d been drinking coffee to stay alert – and I was getting tired of the taste of coffee.

Other people at the event were drinking lots of coffees too. Not that the other presentations were dull. It had just been an intense and demanding couple of days. Energy levels were sagging.

I’d done everything right.  I was prepared. I was alert and I made sure my energy levels were up.

coffee and notebook

Here’s my mistake.  In the afternoon, I’d seen other people at the event drinking cola drinks (I won’t mention any names of the brand). The drink was cool and refreshing and gave me the needed caffeine buzz.

I usually advise presenters to drink tea rather than too much coffee – but I needed to “get energised”!

However – the cola drink also gave me gas. Even though my mind was alert and active – my stomach was too active.

This affected my voice and breathing. Even though I drank the drink hours earlier – it kept repeating on me.

TB headline technique

As a presentation coach and trainer I advise presenters to avoid  eating spicy food before they present. Eating spicy foods can be tempting when they are on offer at events.

Remember you are primarily there to speak – not to eat!

Now I know to add cola drinks to the list of things to delay until after you’ve  delivered  your  presentation.

Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson. I hope you learn from this lesson too!


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