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Turn waiting time into creating time – airport waiting time

Do you get frustrated at having to wait?

Time is money and you don’t like wasting either!

cool clock

I used to get frustrated at having to wait – until  I changed my attitude.

I use waiting time for creating time – and try to get creative in using the time in enjoyable yet “productive” ways.

I’m writing this post from Darwin (Australia) in a stop-over on a flight to Manila.

I’m doing an experiment with this post – to get the post out during this brief stop-over. I won’t have too much time – I will probably not have enough time. The time will pass too swiftly – and that’s a good thing.

The wi-fi  here is slow –  something that used to frustrate me too  – but I’ve even changed my attitude towards that.

I used to get so frustrated at slow wi-fi.

Now, I see how many deep calming breaths I can get in while a page loads – or that “blue bar” fills up from left to right.

O.K. I’ve had enough of these deep, calming breaths while I wait for the pages to load!

What now?

Luckily, I have a book ready and I see how much I can read while waiting for the slow wi-fi.

I’m powering through this book! Maybe I’ll get in the whole book. 🙂

reading book at airport

It’s all in your attitude!


So, I encourage you to try to turn waiting time into creating time – even if that “creating” is finding interesting things to do while you wait!


And mission accomplished! Post written and posted and plane boarding. Better go.


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