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Holiday Reading: The bestest efficiency tool for busy managers and leaders – part 1/3

O.K. I know bestest isn’t a real word!


But it’s  a deliberate exaggeration  – for something that’s even better than best.

I’m the sort of person who likes using or creating  new and unusual words.

I get lots of ideas – but I need to be more efficient in being keeping track and making things happen.

And, to be honest, these days I am doing so many things (personal and business) that I need to make sure I don’t forget things.

That’s why I’m so exited to share a productivity and efficiency tool that can really help you – as it has helped me.

That tool?

The simple post-it note (or similar products with different names).

You know – those small bits of paper with part of it that’s sticky so you can stick it on to things.

bestest efficiency tool

The post-it notes can help you:

1. remember what you need to do – by keeping “tasks” visible

2. simplify and focus your thinking – through enforced simplicity

3. prioritise your tasks – through enforced simplicity

I’ll deal with each of these points in separate posts.

Post-it notes actually helped me simplify, plan and write this post in record time – before I catch a plane!

So, post-it notes can help you remember to do what you need to do.

They are colourful and stand out AND you can move them and keep your tasks visible.

For example, in the mornings I run around getting the kids ready for school and I drive them to school.

My wife works morning radio and she will often give me a long list of things to do.

I know my limitations – and to make sure I remember, I have a habit of keeping post-its at eye height near the front door – so I don’t leave home without it – where “it” is whatever I need to take or do.

For example, one day I needed to remember to take brownies to school – and I DID remember because of the post-it placed at eye height near the door.

take brownies

Anyway, I must go and catch a cab to the airport for my flight home from Singapore to Australia.

I’m confident I won’t forget anything – I have a post-it to remind me of the  things I need to take!


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