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How to blog when you are too busy and too tired to blog!

Do you get too busy to blog?

You try to blog regularly – but sometimes you are just too busy and too tired and too “braindead” to blog.

I know what that’s like.

I live in Australia and regularly travel to work In Singapore.


I work hard helping running writing workshops or helping solve specific communication challenges.

Well, it’s mentally draining anyway!

At the end of the day when I return to my hotel room I am too tired to blog. All I want to do is sleep.

On a trip to Singapore a few weeks ago I was too tired and busy to blog. I posted nothing during that week.

I’m in Singapore again as I write this –  but this trip I vowed to blog  even if I was tired and very busy.

Here’s what I did to make sure I produced blogs this trip. Here’s what you can do too!

1. Make a goal to blog and develop a “strategy” to blog.

2. Get your ideas when you are not tired.

Notetaking Raffles bakery

Often the hardest part is getting a good idea to blog about. When you are tired – it’s hard to come up with a good idea – unless that idea is how to blog when you are too tired to come up with ideas! 🙂

blog drafts2

This trip I made sure I came up with ideas when I was not too tired – usually in the morning BEFORE I started my day’s work.

3. Keep your ideas visible. Often when we get busy with other work – that other work buries out blogging ideas. This trip I’d just put draft ideas as drafts directly into my WordPress drafts

Instead of the ideas languishing in some notebook, the ideas were already in my WordPress – for me to add to  bit by bit when I was less tired.

4.  Write when you are NOT so tired or busy – even in short bursts of writing.

I’d write small parts of a blog in he morning – even it was just a couple of paragraphs in between all my other work commitments.

I borrowed from Hemingway’s timing technique – he’d write in the mornings when he was freshest – and edit in the afternoons.

I’m a big fan of Hemingway’s writing style – and his discipline.

TB H painting

5. Capture your ideas – if you are too tired to write down initial ideas – use your smart phone to record your thoughts OR take photos to spark ideas for future blogs.

These photos will remind me to write a post about business names.

steak out


6. Reward yourself. I break down writing into smaller achievable chunks – and have a reward even after a small writing session.

Right now – it is evening in Singapore. I’m tired after a demanding day’s work – but I’m putting in a short session to review and send this post. It’s not hard to just check and tidy up – rather than having to write!

Then I’m going for a nice reward of eating out.

And if (make that when) I get some more ideas for future posts – I’ll capture the ideas with photos or recording memos on my smart phone.

I know lots of my blogging friends tell me that they are often too tired to blog.

I’m confident that if they follow my above strategy – they too will be able to still blog even when hey are too busy and too tired.

Anyway, better go – and enjoy my reward!


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