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The #GrumpyCat example: Attract interest to your social media – the way professional radio shows do!

When you want to improve your social media engagement, I encourage you to listen to how they engage  in the highly competitive morning radio market –  for example, harnessing the “pulling power” and wonderful bubbly personality of Grumpy Cat!

grumpy cat

This Grumpy Cat great example – made me stay tuned instead of switching over. The example engaged and then maintained interest.

TB radio reporter 4BK

I started my journalism career in radio. Even though these days I work a lot in social media, I am fascinated by how good radio shows – “tease” and “engage” and get listeners to stay tuned and not switch over.

I still study radio engagement techniques every week day!

As I drive my kids to school we love to listen to a radio station  my wife reads on.

We hear “mum” read the news, enjoy some songs – then on the drive home I sometimes have a quick listen to one of my favourite news programs AM on the ABC. I’ll tune in to AM because I’m especially interested in the political and finance stories.

Some days however the programming and content is so good on “my wife’s station” that I am compelled to stay tuned in. Political stories can wait!

This week they had what was, in my opinion, a brilliantly planned and executed “story” about very popular subjects – pets and the famous Grumpy Cat.

The angle was: Do pets actually get grumpy?

The segment:

1. started off talking about the phenomenon of Grumpy Cat – a great “hook”

2. then spoke to and expert vet broadening out to pets in general.

3. then had callers adding stories about their own particular pets –  and all sorts of pets with different “personality” traits.

Or should that be pet-sonality traits?

Anyway, the segment was very engaging and entertaining – leveraging the popularity of Grumpy Cat and a genuine question on whether cats and other pets  actually do get grumpy.

So I encourage you – when you want to make your social media content have broader appeal.

1. find an angle like the appeal of Grumpy Cat

2. relate it to answering a “fresh” question your audience is probably interest in

3.broaden it out – e.g. do pets (in general) get grumpy

4. make the story about things your audience would feel compelled to add their comments to

Because callers seemed so passionate about their pets – many called in with their own interesting stories about their pets.

The story snowballed! – with lots of funny listener stories. I laughed the whole way home!

Maybe – there’s a chance  even Grumpy Cat would have cracked a smile.

Think that’s remotely possible?

Grumpy No


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