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Friday Pompous Prognostication #1 – the apostrophes times up?

Youll probably note that I should have written the apostrophe’s time’s up – but I couldnt be bothered.

Its all too hard. Its not needed. People shouldnt have trouble understanding what you mean.

(Yes, Im just messing around. )

Im usually one of those “Apostrophe Police”  or “Apostrophe Apostle” word nerds wholl get annoyed at apostrophe catastrophe’s.

Apostrophe trangression’s catch my eye – and Ill take photos. Note: whats happening.


word nerd CU

When I teach business writing – I include the correct use of apostrophe’s.

Use apostrophes for contraction’s (omitted letters) – Dont use for plural’s

Youll be interested to know theres a growing band of Apostrophe Vigilantes wholl change signs that have not needed or not enough apostrophes.

apostrophe police

Especially – signs that use the superfluous “greengrocers apostrophe” when its not needed for plural’s.


Heres my reasoning for predicting the threat to the apostrophes existence.

1. Smart phones – I love my smart phone and Im the kind of word nerd wholl take the effort to change to the screen with the numbers and punctuation. Many texter’s, tweeter’s, poster’s and message writer’s are so focussed on speed that they cant be bothered to take the time to move to the screen with punctuation.

2. Apostrophe’s take up a character when tweeting – so theyll often be omitted unless the tweeter’s are compelled to punctuate correctly

3. Internet addresses  – where apostrophes are omitted


Note how the apostrophe is correctly used in the name – but omitted in the web address (as is the norm)

The more we see usage or non-usage – the more well think thats normal.

Now, youll probably say there are more important things to worry about – rather than apostrophes.

Ill be the first to agree!

My point is: Language changes. Punctuation preferences change.

Word’s like Thou died out.

Theres a theory that Whom will eventually be far less common too.

And apostrophe’s? Whats their fate?

Especially where theyre used in contractions?

Whats your view?

Do you think they are in danger?

Please share in the comment’s section below.




release the verb

Wow – I think Ill use the above text in this post in an exercise in writing classes –  testing when to use and when to omit apostrophe’s!


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