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How the #Batmobile and #Batman can boost your business connecting – Pt 1.


Pow! I ‘m in the office of a CEO talking about serious business stuff – competitive pitching etc.

Over his shoulder, something on his shelf catches my eye – a model of the 1966 Batmobile.

Batmobile 66

Not just any model – one signed by the “creator” (make that customiser) of the TV show Batmobile – George Barris!

Let’s just say our “business relationship” shifts gears to a deeper level.

We are both dads and “mature and professional” business people – yet we are also both massive Batfans – especially of the TV show.

Of course, we finish our serious, business discussions – then we take some time to chat about the Batmobile and daring to share your passions in Western business culture. Other cultures take more time to discuss shared interests and things in common before getting into business.

When I work in other parts of the world I take more time to discuss/share common interests. I even include discussion about family – especially when working in Asia. Even insert some family photos into serious business presentations and I don’t get frustrated when people keep asking me about family.


As you may know I am a big fan of daring to share what you are passionate about.  The whole e-FAN-gelist blog is based on this!

When I help business execs I often ask them what they are passionate about and then we find links between their professional expertise AND their passions.

For example, I’m helping a very knowledgable lawyer make his blogging more engaging by linking to his passions for travel and adventure and photography. He’s happy to be getting more interest in his posts – because he is daring to show his interests.

Sharing your passion can improve:

1. your presentations

2. your blogging or thought leadership content

3. even your  competitive pitches.

Not too much! Just dare to share a bit of what you are passionate about – what you are a fan of – especially if people in your audience are likely to be fans too.


I shared how I’d made great connections with top-level CEOs and international business superstars by connecting about common interests – in “trivial” things like TV Batman and Model Planes and music etc.


Now, I know a fair bit about Batman and the TV Batmobile  – but this CEO really expanded my knowledge – especially with his stories about his contact with George Barris.

I reckon people (especially blokes over 40) would love to hear engaging snippets of quick anecdotes about George and The Batmobile.

If you are a Batfan – I’m sure you’ll dig future posts on this subject.

There are interesting “business lessons” about customising and standing out, and business agility, and creativity.

You may already know this – but for me it was new – the 66 Batmobile original design went back as far as 1955 with the Ford Lincoln Futura.

futura lincoln

Anyway stay tuned for future  Batmobile for Business posts – same bat-time, same bat blog 🙂


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