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Why YOU should take a Social Media Sabbath – to recharge and get some “real” work done

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the constant stream of  Social Media – or if Social Media gets in the way of your doing other “work” I encourage you to take a Social Media Sabbath where  you deliberately and regularly disconnect for a day or a period that suits you.

I experimented yesterday – and I was very, very happy with result.


I “rested” and recharged AND got lots of other work done that had been building up. Work that was more less exciting than the cool things that would come in via Facebook or Twitter – but work I needed to do.

I’m an Australian living in Australia  – yet I was inspired by two American parents at my children’s school.

These parents were all dressed up in their team’s colours and were excited about the Superbowl. They were Denver fans! Their excitement  and sense of occasion was contagious – before the game!

As you may know, when you want to change one habit – it can help to replace it with something else.


I decided to kick off my Social Media Sabbath with the kick off of the Superbowl. I’d watch the Superbowl and then spend the next 24 hours deliberately disconnected from Social Media.


It was a Monday morning in Australia – a work day. That made taking a Social Media Sabbath and enjoying the Superbowl  even sweeter!

I “came up” with the expression  Social Media Sabbath because I liked:

1. the sound with the Ss together

2.the contrast of modern social media and the “old-sounding” Sabbath

3.the idea of a deliberate period of rest and recharge

When I searched the term on-line, I found a US writer had also come up the expression. Link at the end of this post.

I figure it’s a logical expression for writers who enjoy wordplay and the sound of words as I do.

Anyway, that’s the idea of taking a Social Media Sabbath. I suggest you try it if you need to bring back some control regarding your social media. You fill that time you’d usually spend on social media with other positive things.

I also deliberately went old-school – reading books and writing in notebooks.

It’s such a satisfying feeling to reach the end of a book.

On social media there always seems to be MORE. More tweets or Facebook posts to read. More related articles to read. More links to click through to.

Books seem to have a more definite end. Sure you can always pick up another book to read – but there’s something fulfilling and finite about getting to the end of a book.

Maybe you can relate? Maybe you think the idea of a Social Media Sabbath is unnecessary and foolish.

Please share your views in the comments section below.

Here’s my earlier post about the Superbowl + Social Media Sabbath.


Here’s a link to a US advocate of taking a Social Media Sabbath.


I DO realise the irony of suggesting social media on the benefits of  having a Social Media Sabbath!

See what you think!


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