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Why this Social Media Sabbath starts when the #Superbowl kicks off

O.K.  here’s quick post – before I watch the  US Superbowl from here in Australia.


It’s Monday morning here – a work day!

But when the game kicks off – I’ll be kicking back

When the game kicks off – I’ll be switching off social media for a break.

I’m an Aussie. I “got into” US football when I was a student in the US. Go Tigers!!


These days I teach writing – including writing for Social Media. Sometimes I even take my own advice about Social Media!

TB Social Media KLT

It’s important to take a break occasionally from Social Media .

I call it: taking  a Social Media Sabbath – a new ritual I’ve started to (hopefully) improve the quality of my social media bogs and posts and tweets AND to get more other work done.

I’ve been studying how to REST better – yes how to rest! As if we need to “study” how to do that!

But we do! many business people are so tired and worn out and burnt out because they don’y know how to rest properly.

REST can be a dirty four-letter word in the  WASPy Western Business culture.

I’m trying as an experiment – to improve the way I recharge and re-energise and REST.

A big part is actually ENJOYING moments – like taking out time to enjoy the Superbowl.

Enjoying without guilt!

Then there’s the idea of taking a Social Media Sabbath! I love my social media – but I figure I’ll enjoy it more after recharging and refreshing.

Plus, I intend to go “old school” and read some books for a change!

Anyway, gotta go!

You should try enjoying moments without guilt and if your get overwhelmed by all the social media messages you get – taking a Social media Sabbath.

I’d be keen to learn the things you do to truly enjoy moments without interruption.

Do you switch off or not answer the phone or other things?

After you’ve enjoyed the game – please share in the comments section below.

No rush!




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