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How to create “quotable quotes” (pt1) – to show your #ThoughtLeadership and expertise

Quotations-bookDo you love quotes – little nuggets of compressed wisdom?

Are you a quote junkie?

This post was inspired by a clever chap from the US I follow on twitter – Bruce Van Horn.

Bruce Van Horn

Bruce is often sharing inspiring or amusing quotes from others.

Quotes like:

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. – Arthur Ashe

The last time I threw myself a pity party very few people came and none of them brought presents! – Zig Ziglar


Bruce also seems to have a talent for crafting his own quotes that compress and express his views and life thoughts.

If you like quotes, I encourage you to follow Bruce.

Bruce Van Horn


Bruce is really into fitness and marathon running.

I’m not – but we DO share a love of quotes and being dads!

Anyway, a quote from Bruce this morning has inspired a series of posts I will share about how to “package” your thoughts or business wisdom into quotable quotes.

Bruce’s quotes (his own or from other people) arrive in my twitter steam at just the right time – to put a smile on my face or some hope in my heart. That’s the power of good quotes!


As a word nerd, quote junkie, and speechwriter – I’m often called in to help people far smarter than I am express their expertise in memorable and engaging ways.

Sometimes it’s to help an expert give a speech, or be part of a panel discussion, or to appear in the media.

There are several advantages to creating “quotable quotes” (QQs):

1. QQs are excellent material for the short-form of twitter

2. QQs can help you establish yourself in your field as a thought leader

3. QQs help make your message memorable when you want to pass on “instructions” or “values” in your business

QQs get shared, repeated and retweeted – because they compress and  express thoughts in a memorable way.

word nerd CU

I’ll be sharing how to use:

1. the sound of words

2. sentence structure

3. mental images – creating vivid word pictures

I’ll probably even take some of my own advice and start creating my own Quotable Quotes.

Book of quotations business


Quotable Quotes:  get repeated and retweeted

To Create Quotable Quotes – compress and express

Thanks Bruce for your quotation inspiration!

You can quote me on that! 🙂


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One comment on “How to create “quotable quotes” (pt1) – to show your #ThoughtLeadership and expertise

  1. Bruce Van Horn
    September 2, 2014

    Tony, thank you so very much for mentioning me on your site and for considering me a “clever chap!” I love that! It’s always nice to know that someone out there enjoys quotes!

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