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Why it’s OK to “work” on the Aust Day public holiday

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It’s the Australia Day public holiday.

What are you doing reading this?

Why am I sending this message  on the Australia Day public holiday.

Won’t everyone be busy partying or recovering?

Well, not necessarily!

Because Australia Day (26 Jan) fell on a Sunday – we get the Monday as a public holiday.

It’s interesting – we celebrated the day yesterday and today I am busy “working”.

T ironing

Here’s why. Maybe you can relate.

1. My kids start school tomorrow – so my family is busy with school preparation – covering books, ironing uniforms etc.

2. I know lots of people go away for the Aust Day long weekend. We (my family)  just enjoyed a looooong and fun beach holiday in January – so we’ve already had a fun holiday. We didn’t need to have another holiday. I understand lots of  people DO go away – and that’s cool – but for us – it’s time to transition back to work mode.

3. If you have “audiences”/clients overseas – it’s not a holiday there – so it’s business as usual OS!

4. Here’s my theory and the reason why I am using today to send lots of messages to my “Australian” audiences.

Lots of my “audience” are like me. Many probably celebrated yesterday. Many are the sort of professional who probably use the “down time” to catch up on checking their social media messages.

Many are probably getting their kids ready for school and yet sneak in a quick hit of facebook or twitter for a quick break from the school preparations.

Anyway, I better get back to ironing all those school uniforms!

Orlando schoolironing 1


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3 comments on “Why it’s OK to “work” on the Aust Day public holiday

  1. Rod Cunich
    January 27, 2014

    Tony, it sounds a bit like you’re trying to justify working today….. go on….just admit it – you actually enjoy what you’re doing. It’s OK to do what you enjoy on a public holiday. I ask you this – why do so many people do work on work days that they don’t enjoy – aside from financial necessity. They are the ones who should be doing a bit of reflection. Have a great day. Rod

  2. efangelist
    January 27, 2014

    It’s funny Rod, when I think about it, I feel an obligation to use a public holiday as a “holiday” and now “work”. You’re right though I am enjoying having extra time for the social media I enjoy so much. I’me even enjoying listening to music while I’m ironing the kids’ uniforms. Don’t tell my wife – she’ll want me to iron more and more 🙂

  3. efangelist
    January 27, 2014

    Now (above) should be NOT

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