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How to reduce #twitter anxiety – #Twanxiety

TB training

Do you suffer from twitter addiction? Are you attwicted? You must constantly check your twitter?

Do you have Twanxiety – Twitter anxiety?

That’s where you get anxious that you might be missing out on something.

You have FOMO – Fear of Missing Out!

You get anxious that there are so many links to cool things you want to check out – but you don’t have the time.

The real world and real people annoy you and get in the way of your twitter treasures!


I understand because I had Twanxiety. I felt like I was trying to drink from a firehose – gushing with so much content.

I learned to have “twitter time out” and “digital detox”. I take breaks where  I  disconnect completely and replace twitter with the real sound of real twittering birds! And enjoy  sipping nice calming drinks.

T banana trees

Interestingly, it was a tweet with a link that helped me deal with my twitter anxiety.

I follow and learn from Chris Brogan and in one of his posts or podcasts (I can’t remember which one – I would read so many!) he wrote words to the effect – I mainly remember the “image” his words created :

Just dip in and out of the twitter stream

So, to  put it in my language:

Just take a sip – then take time to savour – Sip and Savour.

Make sure you have time to think about and ponder and enjoy what you read.

Be mindful.  Slow down. Breathe. Don’t just rush on to the next thing!

Yoga sign2

The same applies to all social media.

These days I deliberately take time to slow down and enjoy a good article or a beautiful photo.

It takes discipline – but you can do it – and your twitter (or other social media) experience will be so much richer.

So remember:

Just dip in and out of the Twitter Stream and

Slow down – sip and savour.

J iced tea 1

Don’t try to drink it all! Take it in sips – and take time between sips to savour!

If you are interested, here’s a link to the digital detox post:

Digital Detox

If you have any tips on how you’ve learned to enjoy twitter or other social media – please add to the comments below.



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